Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Wishing you and your family the best for the holidays!


The Devil Tree Adventures

We have a bit of an urban legend in the area where I live. This story pops up every year around Halloween. I don't want to glorify the story to much because what happened to the women involved was horrifying. If you would like to read about it, go here. Part of the story is true, there seems to be conflicting reports of where exactly it happened. I am intrigued by the part that people think the tree itself is haunted. I mentioned this story to the boyfriend and we decided we were going to go check out this tree.

The park itself is beautiful and the trails are amazing. The first few pictures are just of the trees on the trails while we were searching out the tree. Nobody seems to really give directions to where the tree is because they don't want people to go out and vandalize the tree.

The park is called Oak Hammock Park, because of all the beautiful and huge oak trees.

Walking around we kind of got lost and ended up on the wrong side of the park. I got on my phone and finally found somebody who had posted the coordinates to the tree.

We were finally on the right track to finding the correct tree.

During the search of the coordinates we found out there are two different trees that are thought to be the Devil Tree. The first tree is the one below, which is considered the locals tree. This is the tree that all the people in the area believe is the correct tree. It is pretty damaged and looks as if people have tried to hack it down. If you read the story that I linked to above, it says that they have tried several times to cut down the tree and nothing would cut through it.

Nothing to creepy happened while we visited this tree, there was a bit of a mournful feeling there. The squirrels were super rambunctious an made me jump a couple of times though. One actually came running out of the woods straight at me and then turned and ran back into the woods.

We started heading out of the wooded area and the sun was starting to set.

As we were walking back I decided to put in the coordinates for the other tree. This is the tree that the news says is the correct tree. It didn't seem to far back in, so we walked back around to the other entrance into the trails. It was starting to get super dark in the wooded area. We found which tree it was but it was getting to dark to see to much. We were also getting concerned that the park was going to close and lock the car in the park. So we quickly took a picture of that tree and made the decision we were going to go back and check out this tree.

We haven't had a chance to get back to the park just yet. If we do and get any good pictures I will post them and update you on what we find. I think I will have to try some flash photography next time to see if I get any strange orbs.


Science Bin Package Design

A package design I did for one of our science programs. This box holds some of our top science books and then there is a complete Teacher's Resource Guide with all the components on disc. This was so much fun to design. I really enjoy designing products like this.


Wipe Clean Board Book Design

These are a set of Board Books that I designed last year. We designed these to sell at retail stores and Sam's Club picked them up. We don't design very often for retail, we mostly sell to school libraries. They were supposed to be available at Sam's earlier this year. I don't have a card to make purchases there so I never got a chance to see if they were in our local store. I really had fun and enjoyed laying these out.


October Adventures

Wow October is always such a busy month for me. I just love that first feeling of fall and getting excited for Halloween.

The beginning of the month I was planning for my Origami Owl party I had on the 4th. You can read about that here.

I also finally finished my Porcelain Skull I had been working on. You can find that blog post here.

We were at Publix one Sunday and walking down the isle I noticed this cute little Halloween Joke hanging up.

A few months ago I supported a Kickstarter campaign for a Skull-A-Day book. I received my printed book and it is gorgeous.

One Saturday while I was visiting my Mom at the nursing home she is at, this duck was chillin out on the fence. I just had to get a picture of him.

There were quite a few beautiful sunset and sky pictures this month:

I had created a whole photo shoot for my annual Treat Bags I make. I took so many photos to get the right shot. I learned so much through working through this though. Here is a photo of my set up.

Here is a photo of the completed Treat Bags.

For Halloween this year my friend Tracy decided she was going to throw a party, and everybody was going to get dressed up. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a costume. I had the idea last year and was excited to do it this year. I wanted to be the voodoo doll and the boyfriend the witch doctor. I ended up just buying a grey dress and adding patches and the heart to it. I then made the pins in the heart and in my hair. I think they came out so cute.

We even won one of the awards for best costume.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Halloween.

I do have a couple more Halloween themed posts coming up. I had one more Halloween craft project that I didn't get a chance to get to. Then I have a little scary adventure that I plan to share in the next couple of weeks.