100 Portrait Drawings #1–6

I know I mentioned this project in my Monthly August Adventures. I thought I would elaborate a little on the project and give a little more information on my intentions. I was originally going to wait and start this with the new year, but it kept popping up in my head, so I thought I would just go ahead and start it.

My plan for this project is to complete 100 Portrait Drawings within a year. I am using different types of pencils including a little bit of a black and a white color pencil. I am also using a white gelly roll gel pen for the little pops of highlights. The paper I am using are 4x6 unruled index cards. I have wanted to improve my drawings of faces and thought that this was the best practice. I am already noticing a slight improvement on my drawings from 1 to 6. I am going to try and do a blog post about them once a month to show my progress. If you want to see them as they are finished come follow me on my Instagram you can find me there @creativelytara.

Portrait #1: is a self portrait from last years Halloween picture.

Portrait #2: Morticia Addams

Portrait #3: Wednesday Addams

Portrait #4: Lily Munster

Portrait #5: Elvira

Portrait #6: The Bride of Frankenstein

Keep on the look out for more. I think I am going to try a man and do Frankenstein himself next. We will see when I finish it.


August Adventures

August was one crazy stressful month. I don't have much to say as an introduction so I am just going to get to the photos.

We found that we have a gopher tortoise living in our backyard. These gopher tortoises are a threatened species here in Florida. We found that he dug his burrow right under our fence line. He was munching on the grass and posed so pretty when I took this picture. Then I got to close and he ran off. Surprisingly these guys are faster than you think.

So the remodeling of our master bedroom and bathroom was started the first week of this month. This is one of the biggest most expensive projects I have done yet. I was so stressed out the whole time. Here are some photos I had shared on my instagram. I still plan on writing a complete blog post on the process. I haven't taken pictures of it finished yet because there are a few small details we are still working on, like new lighting that I can't seem to decide on.

This is the new flooring. It is a porcelain tile that looks like petrified wood. It is so pretty!

Here is a picture of the inside of the shower.

We decided to freshen up the pain on the walls.

I only took a couple of my sky photos this month. We usually get the really pretty skies in the fall.

Here are a couple of sketches I did for my LifeBook lessons. The first one I actually completed the painting and you can find that here.

This is a sketch for the next lesson. I started the painting and need to get back to work on it, so I can finish it soon.

This is a 4 panel piece I am working on for my master bedroom to go over our bed. I started with painting the backgrounds to represent the changing of the seasons. I think I want to tone down the colors a bit and grunge them out more.

Another project I am going to try and keep up with is practicing drawing faces. I really wanted to make this a daily project but I am slow at drawing. I decided to make my goal at completing 2 a week. My goal is to try and complete 100 of them within a year. My first one is a selfie and the second is my version of Morticia Addams. Since it is getting closer to Halloween the next few are going to be themed that way. I hope to accomplish finding some sense of my own style in my drawings and paintings from completing this project. Follow me on my Instagram to see them as I complete them.

Well that time of year is upon us, and it is my favorite!

My sister wants me to paint this skull for her. I have an idea for it but it is going to take some time and planning to get it right.

Here is my very first Halloween purchase of the year! Michaels has some really great home decor this year. I also went to the annual Halloween Preview Party at Yankee Candle but I haven't taken a picture of those purchases yet.

I think that is about it for this month. I am looking forward to more Halloween projects in the coming months.