April Adventures

April is over and it's already getting uncomfortably hot here in Florida. With that being said I will start off this post with the few Sun photos I have taken throughout the month.

At the beginning of the month was my cousin's daughter's birthday. I finished the painting I did for her, you can read all about that here.

I received a Flat Sally in the mail from my little sister. I plan on doing a whole blog post about those adventures after I finish it and send it back to her, by the end of next month.

As I was leaving the nursing home my mom is in a couple of weeks ago, these two cranes were right outside the door. I love these big birds, they are so beautiful. They let me get kind of close to them but warned me when I got too close.

On Easter we have a tradition of going over to my Aunt's house for brunch, do an egg hunt, then we fly kites. I just love this tree in my Aunt's backyard. It reminds me of my Nana's house. She had one in the front of her house. If you look closely at the picture you might be able to find some of the hidden eggs.

Just this past weekend I took the boyfriend to Medieval Times for his 40th Birthday. He had been talking about wanting to go there for his birthday since we started dating, and that he wanted to be Knighted. I thought this would be a great way to celebrate him turning 40, to experience something he had been talking about. He did get Knighted but I think because of his age they gave him the title of King. Wow did that go to his head! It was a neat little ceremony, and we got a picture of it. We had a blast! I did take more pictures but my camera doesn't take great pictures in the dark, and most of them came out blurry.

April was great. Next month, I am planning a trip up to Tennessee for my niece's graduation. While I am up there me and my sister planned our little sister trip, and decided to spend a few days in Nashville to go exploring.


LifeBook 2014 ~ Week 6 ~ Spray Ink Love

This was so much fun to do! Messy but fun!!!! I am going to have to keep playing with this technique.
Basically it is just spraying down some spray ink than adding water and playing with the colors and seeing how they blend together. The face is in all acrylics. The hair line work I did with an acrylic paint pen.

I have decided that on these lessons I was going to just watch the lessons first. That way I can put a little bit more of myself in the finished piece. Although while I watch the videos I do end up making notes and making little sketches.

Also here is an in progress picture. I really should take more pictures of the process.


Liberate Your Art - Liberated

This is my first time participating in the Liberate Your Art postcard swap. This was so much fun. I will definitely be participating again. The only thing I think I might do differently is get my cards printed. I printed mine on my printer on thick paper. If you would like to see the cards I sent out check out my post for that here. I also meant to contact each of the people that I received a card from and didn't get around to it.

Here is a group picture of the postcards I received.

The first card I received was this beautiful one of little cocktail umbrellas. I just loved the darkness with the little pops of color. It came from Janice and had the note "Hope you catch some sunshine!" You can visit her blog here.

The second card I received is this really cool pinup style photo. The note on the back said "Are We There Yet? Enjoy the Journey" It came from Eva Creel Photography.

The third card is of this beautiful barn done in soft pastels called "Ominous". I love the colors used in this, just gorgeous. The note said "Thank you for feeding our spirits!" It comes from Marcia Hill and you can find her here.

The fourth card is this neat design from Ariel Sublett. There is a quote on the back from Francis David, "We need not think alike to love alike." I love that and wish more people thought that way. She explains that this represents the 7th principle of Unitarian Universalism: Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of Which We Are a Part.

The fifth card is of this yummy picture from Helen. The note on the back says "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!"

The last card came from Kat herself. This is just beautiful and I just love the texture to it. You can find more of Kat's photography and more information about the Liberate Your Art postcard swap here!

I enjoyed seeing all the art come in and look forward to participating again!!!


"McKenna's Heart" Painting

Finally I can show off the painting I have been working on! My cousin's daughter McKenna asked me to paint her a heart for her birthday. It took me a bit to come up with the concept for this. McKenna had asked me if she could look through my sketchbook one night. As she was looking through it she saw I had a drawing of a heart with a sun in it. She told me she really liked that drawing. So I came up with something similar. This is what I came up with.

Here is her reaction to opening the gift:

She is such a cutie!!!