My Sketchbook #7

I decided to draw a Bald Eagle. The past few months I have seen quite a few of these flying around. They are such exquisite birds.


Fabulous Tabulous Board Book Design

I am actually really proud of the way these board books came out. I created photo montages for all the pages. It was a lot of Photoshop work, clipping and making the animals fit with different backgrounds.


My Sketchbook #6

The Egret is one of my favorite birds down here in Florida! I have always wanted to draw one but never got around to it. They are so beautiful and graceful.



My Sketchbook #5

Well here is the deer for the other family crest for my brother's tattoo that I have been working on. Now I just need to make them both look a little meaner and put them with the shields.


Little Birdie Board Book Brochure

This is a brochure that I designed for our Little Birdie Board Books. I thought I would show off only a few spreads. I really enjoyed designing this, because it's a bit different that what we normally do.