Life Book 2014 ~ Week 5 ~ Sugar Sugar

Wow this one took me a bit to complete. This lesson the teacher was Marieke Blokland. She had us create a Cotton Candy Diva to celebrate what makes our life sweet. Of Course I ended up making it a bit more complicated than what it probably needed to be, I have a habit of overthinking things. When I started drawing out the sketch for it a story came into my head. All I could think of was how the Evil Queen tempted Snow White with the poisoned apple. Then I started thinking what tempts me most and it's chocolate. My Cotton Candy Divas are an Evil Candy Queen tempting the innocent princess with all of her favorite chocolate treats. I am starting to find that when a story pops in my head my drawings and paintings turns out with more character.


Spring Titles Ad for School Library Journal

This is an ad that went in the School Library Journal to announce our new titles that came out last spring. I love the colors of this one.


January Adventures

January had been pretty busy! Especially with starting the LifeBook 2014 course.

We have started doing some work out on the back porch. We got the screen redone, but some other things popped up that need to be fixed out there. Isn't that the case with home ownership. I have taken some pictures but I thought I would wait to post them until we are finished.

I actually didn't get many sunset pictures this month. I have just this one:

I was in Orlando yesterday and decided to stop at Ikea on my way home. I had never been there before and there was this cart I had been seeing around the internet. So I decided to stop in and get this cool cart.

The store was huge and I could have spent hours in there if I had more time and money. I also bought a little succulent plant, that I need to find a little home for it. I also got this cute little night light that changes colors in the children's department.

I have so many ideas for when one of my spare rooms becomes available for my studio space. Here is my little studio space right now, it's a little corner in my master bedroom:

Oh and Murphy says "Hi" to everybody!

I thought I would recap my finished projects for my LifeBook 2014 Lessons:

Well that is it for January! I hope everybody has a wonderful February!

LifeBook 2014 ~ Week 4 ~ Be True to You

I am now officially a week behind on my LifeBook lessons.

Week 4 was a collage lesson with Kelly Hoernig. She had us pick 3 things that we love and make a mixed media collage and paint with the items we choose. For some reason I couldn't come up with anything right away. Then in the video she mentioned what attracts your attention when you go to the stores. For me those things are anything to do with skulls, converse, and stars. She used a lot of found items on her page. I don't have a lot of those kind of things around, so I drew the skulls and printed pictures of a couple of my pairs of converse. I love the grunginess of the way it came out.