LifeBook 2014 - Week 20 - Honouring Your Inner World

This lesson was taught by Serena Bridgeman. When I first saw this lesson come up last year I knew I wanted to give it a try. I really like Serena's style and the beautiful painting she came up with. Her final piece looked more like a female buddha head. I ended up giving mine a geisha style hair instead of the traditional buddha look. I really enjoyed this lesson and loved the way it came out.

Here is the final piece followed by progress pictures:


2015 New Fall Titles Ad Design

This is an ad I designed for the company I work for that appeared in the September 2014 Issue of School Library Journal. We do these ads every year to announce our upcoming new titles for the new year. 

Designed for Rourke Educational Media; September 2014 Issue of School Library Journal


Teaching My First Painting Party!

My friends have been bugging me to teach a painting class for them. I kept telling them to let me know when they wanted to do it. Then one day one of my friends called me up and asked if I would really do it. I said I would definitely try. I am one of those people that doesn't like being the center of attention and I am not a good public speaker. I usually get super nervous doing these types of things. 

We started off brainstorming an idea and wanted it to be somewhat Halloween themed. We finally came up with the idea of doing an owl. Here is the sketch I came up with:

Then I took that sketch and tried to figure out the easiest way possible to paint it. This was my sample painting for everybody to follow.

The day came for us to get together at my cousin's house and paint our owls. Here I am starting to teach everybody.

Everybody hard at work painting their own owls. We even had the kids in the background following along.

Here is everybody's finished pieces. I love how they all came out different and everybody put their own spin on it.

Everybody did great and had a blast!  I think I did ok teaching. It was definitely a great learning experience. They did ask to do it again at the end, so we will see what comes of it.


September Adventures

First I want to apologize for being so quiet on the blog this month. I took a couple new things on and got super busy, see below for more of an explanation.

The Halloween candy buying starts early in my house. I already filled this cauldron twice now. 

I found this little guy on my door step one morning as I was leaving for work. A few weeks later he must have worked his way up and was hanging out on the top of the screen door. As I opened the door to leave he fell and brushed my arm.

For the Blood Moon a friend and I went to a meditation circle to celebrate the Full Moon. They asked us to bring our crystals to add to the big crystal grid they made. I love these kind of meditations, the energy in the room is amazing!

Our computers are super slow at work, we are hoping to upgrade them soon. So while I wait on the computer I have had time to doodle. I have also used this time to do studies of the portrait drawings I am working on.

I was able to work on another one of my LifeBook 2014 lessons this month. Here is a sneak peak of that. I will be posting on that soon.

One of the extra projects I have taken on, is I joined a class on clay explorations at a new studio that opened up in the area. I have really been enjoying working with clay. You might see more of this in the future. I will do a full blog post on this guy once he his complete.

The other thing that took me some time to work on. My friends talked me into doing a painting class with them. Here is the sketch and painting that I came up with for the class. Again more on this to come.

I have so many ideas for projects in my head, it is just being able to come up with the time to work on them all. Also for October I signed up for the #CreativeSprint, they send you a creative prompt to follow everyday for the month of October. If you would like to follow along I am sharing the photos everyday on Instagram under @creativelytara.