13 Drawings of Halloween #13

This one is a bit weird for me. I wanted to do some kind of monster but couldn't think of anything that was unique. I just sat down and decided to start drawing and this is what came out. I think I was channeling a mixture of Spirited Away and Where the Wild Things Are.

13 Drawings of Halloween #12

This one again was inspired by the books The Hollows by Kim Harrison. There are demons in the story, this is my version of a demon woman.


13 Drawings of Halloween #11

I have been reading a series of books called The Hollows by Kim Harrison. I need to go get the next book that just came out in paperback. Anyways, I love this series. It's about a Witch who teams up with a Vampire and a Pixie to start their own bounty hunting business. There are a lot of great characters, one being a little gargoyle that joins the group and guards the church they live in. I wanted to draw a gargoyle to represent this little guy.


13 Drawings of Halloween #10

My ghostly woman in a graveyard. I am really digging the way this came out.


13 Drawings of Halloween #9

The boyfriend actually gave me the idea for this one. I had to add a little Batman in there for him.


13 Drawings of Halloween #8

Well I am falling a bit behind on my posting on this project. I did finish 3 drawings this weekend and I have 3 more to finish in 4 days. I am really hoping to get them all done.

Here is my version of a bat for Halloween.

You can kind of see what the next drawing is lightly showing through this one!


13 Drawings of Halloween #7

I see pictures of just Witch's Feet, and I just love them. Here is my version of a Punk Witch! There is nothing better than a Witch in Dr. Marten's!


13 Drawings of Halloween #6

I knew I wanted to draw a skull but it took me a little bit to figure out what to do with it. I decided to draw my version of a Samhain altar.


13 Drawings of Halloween #5

"Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?" We just watched Alice and Wonderland and every time this question comes up, we ponder the question. We still have not come up with a good answer. Anyway here is my version of a Raven for Halloween.


13 Drawings of Halloween #4

I knew I wanted to do a Black Cat and a Jack O Lantern. It took me a bit to figure out how I wanted the composition. I really like the way this one came out. Let me know what you think!


13 Drawings of Halloween #3

I decided I wanted to draw an owl, but didn't want to do the typical owl in a tree. I thought about it and the first owl that came to mind was Hedwig from Harry Potter. I am such a Harry Potter geek. The image of Hogwarts that I drew in the background was from a picture that I took while at Universal Studios a couple of years ago. The boyfriend said that he didn't think this had anything to do with Halloween. I disagree because I think Harry Potter and Halloween go together perfectly. There are witches and all kinds of magical creatures.


13 Drawings of Halloween #2

I actually drew this one before the VooDoo Doll. I was going to save it for the end because I had an idea to use it for something else. I might still use it for the idea I have but thought I would share the drawing anyway.


WIP Hummingbirds #3

Ok All, I did paint on the hummingbirds tonight. I decided to go over the background again because  the paint was still a bit transparent, and I wanted the colors deeper. I guess I like to paint in thin layers. I also changed up the wings a bit. I think they will look better when I get to painting them.

Sorry about the quality of the photo. I just took the picture with my iPhone and also didn't want to move them to better lighting. I am working with oil paint so they stay wet a lot longer.


13 Drawings of Halloween #1

I decided to give myself a Halloween Drawing Challenge. An artist I follow on Instagram is doing 31 Monsters in October you can follow him here. When I saw this challenge I knew I needed to do some kind of challenge for myself. My favorite holiday is Halloween so what better time to do a challenge. We are already a week into October and I didn't think I had the time to do a daily challenge. I have been looking forward to ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween, and all the wonderfully cheesy Halloween movies. It clicked that I should do 13 Drawings of Halloween. Well they will be more sketches and if I decide after the challenge that I like any of them enough I will turn them into paintings.

Here is my first Halloween Drawing. I bought this cool pin with a skull and feathers while I was in Salem, MA. That pin is what inspired me to draw this drawing. I really want to make a Voodoo Doll now.

If anybody decides to join me in this challenge let me know!!! I love seeing what everybody comes up with.